Hello! My name is Nana Adowaa Boateng. I am a Ghanaian economist based in Johannesburg and also the founder of Talking Drum Chocolate. I started making chocolates from the bean in 2017 after doing extensive research on the chocolate industry. Africa produces 70 percent of the worlds cocoa beans but processes very little of its cocoa. The chocolate industry is a 140 billion dollar industry but Africa makes an insignificant amount because we mainly export raw beans. It’s a no brainer. We need to process cocoa. But I didn’t just want to talk the talk. I had to walk the walk. So, I learned how to make chocolate initially through a 7 day study trip to Ecuador with Ecole Chocolat and then practiced in my home kitchen. If I can make chocolates, anybody can. This site will showcase my products, teach people to make chocolates with the intention of starting a business and ultimately serve as a platform for people to learn, share ideas and make a difference.